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Looking At Antioch Tennessee

Looking At Antioch Tennessee

Looking At Antioch Tennessee

The neighborhood of Antioch Tennessee has long been seen as a sort of commuter suburb to the city of Nashville. While this is technically correct, it really pains over the many interesting parts of Antioch’s past and present that make it more than a simple suburb. Not all of it is good, and not all of it is bad, but this is a city that is experiencing rapid growth after the economic plummet of 2007 and 2008.

The Starwood Amphitheater was once a major attraction located in this area. This was considered one of the largest open air venues and all of Nashville, and that is saying something in a city that is this dedicated to music. However, this amazing building was demolished back in 2007. There is currently a large restoration program going into figuring out the best way to develop and use the land to further encourage growth in Antioch.

While there is a lot to like about the town, there is no denying that the growth could be even more powerful if not for a rash of negative news stories that have fed into old stereotypes about the neighborhoods – many of them not good. As with any area there is a better part and a rough part of town, however a good chunk of Antioch is much safer than its reputation indicates.

This just makes the news of a couple of mass shootings over the last couple years, one in church, even more heartbreaking than it already is. There isn’t much more to be said about these that hasn’t already be said other than this is not a regular occurrence, but community tragedies that showed just how strong connected the residents of Antioch were as they came together.

There is little question that the memories of Hickory Hollow Mall still haunts major parts of it as the death of this mega mall not only took away thousands of jobs but also eliminated the major retail section of town, as well as many of the public gathering places that help create a community feeling. That is a lot for any community to lose and have to deal with.

However, the growth of Nashville and the surrounding areas shows that Antioch is coming back strong in the community is dedicated to constantly improving itself to be one of the best places to live in Tennessee and this dedication starts from the individual residents of every neighborhood all the way up to the city council. The future is bright indeed!